Welcome to the Lareau lab. Our research uses bioinformatics and molecular biology to understand how evolution has shaped post-transcriptional gene regulation.

Liana Lareau is a fellow of the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) at UC Berkeley. We are also affiliated with the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and the Center for Computational Biology.


[12/2015] Our first grant: an R21 grant from the National Cancer Institute (NIH) to Liana Lareau for "a computational framework for statistical analysis of ribosome profiling data."

[4/2015] Grad student Robert Tunney received an NDSEG graduate fellowship from the DoD.

[1/2015] Our paper is out in Molecular Biology and Evolution!
"Regulation of splicing factors by alternative splicing and NMD is conserved between kingdoms yet evolutionarily flexible"

[11/2014] Grad student Robert Tunney won second place in the poster contest at the annual computational biology retreat for his work analyzing ribosome-protected fragments.

[5/2014] Our paper is out in eLife!
"Distinct stages of the translation elongation cycle revealed by sequencing ribosome-protected mRNA fragments"


Liana Lareau
Barker Hall, room 424
University of California, Berkeley