Welcome to the Lareau lab. Our research uses computational and molecular biology to understand how post-transcriptional regulation leads to robust and flexible control of gene expression.

Liana Lareau is a fellow of the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) at UC Berkeley. We are also affiliated with the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and the Center for Computational Biology.


[11/2018] Very big news: Liana has accepted a tenure-track position as an assistant professor in Berkeley's Department of Bioengineering, to start January 2019. Exciting times ahead as the Lareau lab expands in our new home.

[7/2018] The lab's first paper is out in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology! Great work from Robert Tunney and Nicholas McGlincy: "Accurate design of translational output by a neural network model of ribosome distribution"

[5/2018] Congratulations to Dr. Robert Tunney, proud holder of a PhD in Computational Biology and first graduate of the lab! Rob is heading to 23andMe as a research scientist.


Liana Lareau
Barker Hall, room 424
University of California, Berkeley