Welcome to the Lareau lab. Our research uses bioinformatics and molecular biology to understand how post-transcriptional regulation leads to robust and flexible control of gene expression.

Liana Lareau is a fellow of the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) at UC Berkeley. We are also affiliated with the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and the Center for Computational Biology.


[10/2017] The lab's first preprint is up on bioRχiv! Great work from Robert Tunney and Nicholas McGlincy: "Accurate design of translational output by a neural network model of ribosome distribution"

[7/2017] Welcome to our new technician, Nicki Naddaf, who just finished her undergrad in MCB at Berkeley.

[8/2016] Welcome to the lab's new grad student, Carlos Buen Abad Najar, a PhD student in Computational Biology.

[12/2015] Our first grant: an R21 grant from the National Cancer Institute (NIH) to Liana Lareau for "a computational framework for statistical analysis of ribosome profiling data."


Liana Lareau
Barker Hall, room 424
University of California, Berkeley